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  1. Thwart Hackers and Protect Customer Payment Data with the Right Tools

    Credit Card with Chains and Lock 01

    Armed with our experience and expertise in retail payment security, we recently published a white paper entitled “Best Practices and Tools to Thwart Hackers and Protect Customer Payment Data.” This blog post will highlight the key points contained in the white paper, though the white paper should be referenced for an in-depth analysis on this topic.

  2. What are the Top Retail IT Initiatives for 2015?

    Time to Plan

    As you create your budgets for 2015 and plan various projects and initiatives for the next 12-24 months, it helps to have resources to understand what the competition is doing, the trends in the industry, and the new and upcoming technologies that will be influencing your business.

    Check out our industry-leading benchmarking surveys to help you plan for 2015 and the future.

  3. How will Apple Pay impact retail?


    With the recent introduction of the NFC enabled iPhone 6/6+, many of our clients are interested in how, or if, its new proprietary Apple Pay app will impact retailers. To help answer some of these burning questions, we recently published our thoughts on Apple Pay in a document titled “BRP INSIGHTS: How will Apple Pay impact retail?”

  4. Amazon Fire Phone – Should retailers be concerned?


    With the recent introduction of the Amazon Fire Phone, it begs the question for retailers – should we be concerned about its impact on our business?

    My answer to that question is “probably not, but maybe.” Let me explain…

  5. Why is Real-time Retail the New Retail Imperative?

    Real-time Retail

    When a customer walks in your door, do you know who she is? Do you know what she abandoned in her online shopping cart this morning? Do you know that she looked at your daily specials on her smartphone 30 minutes ago? Can you see current inventory at your store and all other stores and distribution centers in your chain – in real-time? These capabilities are examples of real-time retail in action.

  6. Data Breach Costs Reach Galactic Proportions

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    The Target breach could cost more than $1 billion!

    According to John Kindervag, the vice president and principal analyst with Forrester Research, “I don’t see how they’re getting out of this for under a billion, over time,” he said, adding, “$150 million in a quarter seems almost like a bargain.”

  7. What is Retail CRM?

    CRM Segments

    Retail CRM has certainly evolved into more of a business philosophy than a software solution. A successful CRM philosophy starts by answering two simple questions about your retail value proposition:

    1. What is the added value you are creating for your customers?
    2. What is the added value that your customers create for you?

  8. Restaurant Loyalty: 1 Best Guest = 9 Average Guests


    Loyal customers are extremely profitable for restaurants. In fact, a restaurant’s “best guest” can represent the same revenue as nine “average guests.”

    Here is an example how a company with two restaurant chains (representing 285 stores) realized the importance of customer loyalty and launched a loyalty program that was quite successful.

  9. Corporate Cost Cutting 101: The Retail Networking Budget


    Fiscal budget responsibility for networking in retail has become fragmented. Under present day circumstances, ownership of the networking budget is commonly divided amongst many divisions within a retail organization. These divisions are rarely viewed holistically by the organization. For example, in many cases managing data, “plain old telephone service,” Private Branch exchange (PBX), fax machines, Wi-Fi, and burglar, smoke and fire alarms are delegated to various corporate departments, and are maintained on a decentralized basis.