Online Retail Fraud to Increase 106% – Are you ready?

As more retailers have provided greater payment security in the store with the addition of EMV, fraudsters will be shifting their efforts to target e-commerce sites. As a result of EMV according to Trustev, and referenced in our 2015 E-Commerce survey, online fraud is predicted to increase 106% over the next three years.
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Why are 63% of retailers upgrading their merchandise planning systems within 2 years?

Current retail planning systems are out-of-date and don’t effectively address today’s requirements for an omni-channel planning environment, according to Boston Retail Partners’ 2015 Merchandise Planning Benchmark Survey. Many retailers are using planning applications designed for old retail business models with a large percentage of these systems installed in the late 1990s or early 2000s.
Chase Pay

Chase Pay: Initial Reactions

When you start to peel back the onion, it is clear that Chase Pay has some very distinct advantages and disadvantages with their solution. Learn more!
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A Consistent Brand Experience Across Channels is Retailers' Top E-Commerce Priority

Customers expect a personalized, seamless brand experience across digital and physical commerce touch points and unified commerce is key to delivering this experience. This is the new mantra in retail, according to the 2015 E-Commerce Survey, 43% of the respondents indicated that a consistent brand experience across channels is one of their top commerce priorities.

Mobile Payments: Are they Secure?

According to comScore, 76.8% of American adults own a smartphone. The majority of smartphone owners are at least aware of the ability to make mobile payments. However, mobile wallets currently account for a small percentage of both in-store and online retail transactions.